Cloud Computing and Multi Agent System to improve Learning Object Paradigm

Fernando De la Prieta, Ana B. Gil, Sara Rodríguez-González, Juan M. Corchado
pp. 38-49, download



The paradigm of Learning Object provides Educators and Learners with the ability to access an extensive number of learning resources. To do so, this paradigm provides different technologies and tools, such as federated search platforms and storage repositories, in order to obtain information ubiquitously and on demand. However, the vast amount and variety of educational content, which is distributed among several repositories, and the existence of various and incompatible standards, technologies and interoperability layers among repositories, constitutes a real problem for the expansion of this paradigm. This study presents an agent-based architecture that uses the advantages provided by Cloud Computing platforms to deal with the open issues on the Learning Object paradigm. 

keywords: Learning Objects, digital repositories, information retrieval, cloudcomputing

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