EMuRgency: Addressing cardiac arrest with socio-technical innovation in a smart learning region

Marco Kalz, Joris Klerx, Gonzalo Parra, Jesko Elsner, Max Haberstroh, Stefaan Ternier1, Daniel Schilberg, Sabina Jeschke, Erik Duval, Marcus Specht
pp. 77 - 91, download


This paper introduces the EMuRgency project. The project has the goal to increase awareness and competences regarding the problem of cardiac arrest in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine (EMR) and to use socio-technical innovations to transfer it into a smart learning region. Based on the conscious competence framework solutions for stakeholders on different levels of the framework are introduced, namely a public display network, mobile learning apps and a volunteer notification system. Finally, a future research outlook is given.

keywords: resuscitation, CPR, smart learning region, AED, awareness, conscious competence, mobile apps, volunteer notification

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