Multi-channel, multi-objective, multi-context services: The glue of the smart cities learning ecosystem

Mar Pérez-Sanagustín, Ilona Buchem, Carlos Delgado Kloos
pp. 43 - 52, download


Smart devices in combination with other digital tools have occupied the cities transforming citizens’ urban experience. People are connected any time and anywhere with their global identities changing their relation to the local. People live in glocalities, where the local and the global co-exists. Glocalities are unique and constantly changing in a lifelong-learning process in which the citizen is in the centre. There is an urgent need for services to support glocal, reciprocal and multi-episodic lifelong learning processes in digital urban spaces. In this paper we define three key attributes that these services has to fulfil for being the glue to connect and guide the complex technology-enhanced learning ecosystems in smart cities: multi-channel, multi-objective and multi- context. Finally, we give an example of these types of services and contribute with an illustrative glocalised learning scenario showing how life-long learning processes would be supported in smart cities of the future.

keywords: Smart cities learning, multi-channel, multi-objective, multi-context, lifelong learning.

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