Approaching makerĀ“s phenomenon

Raúl Tabarés-Gutiérrez

pp. 19 - 29, download



The rising of maker’s movement in recent years has been spoiled by the popularization of open source technologies like 3d printing and many others. The expiration of a set of patents have made possible the emergence of several and different communities that play and tinker with technology. At the same time, these new socio-technology based collectivities have its origins in other pre-existing ones such as “Do It Yourself” and “Hackers”. Our goal in this paper is to perform a comprehensive analysis of all these trends reviewing the existing literature and identifying the main features, values and aspirations.

Moreover, we argue some policy recommendations in order to maximize the impact of these spaces into the urban sphere trying to boost its potential in education and social innovation.

Keywords: makers, DIY, hackers, P2P, P2P production, prosumers, open innovation, social innovation, makerspaces, hackerspaces.


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