BANCO: a Web Architecture Supporting Unwitting End-User Development

Barbara Rita Barricelli, Andrea Marcante, Piero Mussio, Loredana Parasiliti Provenza, Stefano Valtolina, Giuseppe Fresta
pp. 23-30 - download


Today end users are no longer mere consumers of computer tools but increasingly need to be more active producers of information and software artifacts. New techniques for engineering software are needed to support end users in this new role. This paper introduces one of these techniques, namely unwitting end-user development, and explains the BANCO architecture, which has been designed to support unwitting end-user development allowing the creation of systems customized to end-user culture, end-user role, and platform in use, as well as system re-use and evolution. It also supports consistency in interaction styles, particularly in web applications. This reasoning is made concrete through an example that presents a factory-automation prototype built using the BANCO architecture.

keywords: End-user development, unwitting software programming, interactive systems, AJAX architecture, XML


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