Exploring Archaeological Parks by Playing Games on Mobile Devices

C. Ardito, P. Buono, M. F. Costabile, R. Lanzilotti, A. Piccinno, A.L. Simeone
pp. 81-85 - download


Explore! is an m-learning system that combining e-learning and mobile computing allows middle school students to interact with learning materials in different ways while playing a game in an archaeological park. Design is based on user-centred and participatory approaches. The evaluation of Explore! through systematic field studies has shown that it is able to transform the visit to archaeological parks into a more complete and culturally rich experience. Thanks to the generality of the software infrastructure, games to be played in different parks can be easily created; to this aim, an Authoring Tool to be used by history experts and/or teachers has been developed.

keywords: Mobile Devices, Educational Games, Archaeological Parks


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