Call for contributions

Topic of Interest


Contributions from people having a 'forward vision' are solicited on the following 'open' list of topics:

• Technological Ecosystems supporting learning within and from the 'smart cities' (toward 'web-mobile-internet of thing' integrated environments)
• Educational Ecosystems: from ''intelligence' to long-life autopoietic education (re-skill & edupoiesis)
• Future 'smart cities' learning scenarios (contexts and methods for the citizens of the future)
• Ecological monitoring and visualization of flows, behaviors, experience's styles and  'smart cities' learning (analytics and visualization)
• The impact of contextualization, glocalities, identities (cultural effect and inclusion)


Open list of questions to be answered:

• Through which educational path will everyone, and especially youths, become “participatorly” aware citizens of the future 'SimCities'?

• How will we learn from the open books that are represented by cities of art, parks, agro-tech and industrial/productive districts ?

• How will data flowing from sensorised areas and personal devices will be elaborated to support awareness and continuous learning?

• How will our behaviour be influenced by knowledge of co-evolution mechanisms and limits of the ecosystems?

• Will the educational infrastructure be smart enough to readjust, even “autopoietically”, to satisfy the needs that everyone could develop life long, in different contexts?

• Would 'smart cities learning' help to reinforce social inclusion and a common sense of belonging ?