Authors and participants are responsible for making the DULP&SPeL@ICALT2012 a memorable experience.

Our task, as organizers, will be to put you in the condition to present at the best your contributions.

You, as authors and participants, have to propose the best of your work, to stimulate the discussion and the imagination of the participants to generate in all them the deep conviction that participation in DULP&SPeL@ICALT2012 has been a meaningful experience for new stimuli and new relations established.

DULP&SPeL@ICALT2012 is looking for authors that starting from the current state of the art are able to:
a) imagine a realistic Future-TEL, i.e. that should be applicable in real contexts;
b) induce a fruitful encounter between disciplines, to the benefit of the centrality of the educatioal experiences and of the expectations of the individuals.

  • Submissions open
    Paper submission is now open at EasyChair website: