Call for papers

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The workshop welcomes submissions covering aspects of emerging technologies and future of technology enhanced learning, especially in the areas of personalized, social and ubiquitous learning, particularly related to issues about:

 • Social learning environments

• Theory and modeling of social computing in education

• Web 2.0 tools for collaborative learning

• Lifelong learning networks

• Social- and group- learning theory

• Knowledge community formation and support

• Virtual spaces for learning communities

• Social networks analysis and mining

• Computer-supported collaborative learning

• Personalized and adaptive learning

• Adaptation methods and techniques for groups of learners

• Intelligent learner and group modeling

• Adaptive Web interfaces for learning scenarios

• Collaborative filtering and recommendations for learners

• Metadata, folksonomies and tagging

• Social information retrieval

• Mobile, ubiquitous and pervasive e-learning applications

• Context modeling

• Intelligent agent technology in web-based education

• Cognitive, motivational and affective aspects

• Practice and experience sharing

• Future visions and models for ubiquitous learning in liquid learning places

• New generation of virtual and physical learning place


Contributions can be:

• Centered around physical environments and artifacts:  Technology Enhanced Places (TEP) in education, liquid places, context  of places, models of places, adaptability of places, mixed environments,  virtual environments, social environments

• Centered around technologies: new approaches in contextualization, glocalities, technological artifacts

• Centered around individuals:  pedagogies, personal contexts, models of individuals, adaptability of  individuals, the role of non-person representatives, identities

• Centered around learning experiences: multidimensional models, monitoring, experiential dimensions, styles, process design

•  Centered around the consideration of different aspects such as context,  technologies, and characteristic/needs of individuals in order to  provide personalized learning experiences

  • Submissions open
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