Members of the Association are committed to disseminate ASLERD vision and to rise awareness about the relevance of learning in the development of people centered “smart cities and regions” and for social innovation and regional development.


Members of the Association are located in several European countries (see map) and are available to give lectures and to design courses for students/teachers of schools and professional. 


As examples:


• have a look at, and hear,  the presentation  (in Italian) given at the Forum PA event in Rome on:

“School as a driver of innovation and territorial development”. Role of the digital technologies and practical advices on how to set up incubators of projectuality.'


• have a look at the the abstract (in italian) of the seminar on

'Schools as territorial learning knots: enabling the “phygital”, didactic and cultural innovation of the learning ecosystems'


• have a look at the workshop on

'Valutazione e Design educativo: un confronto tra esperienze nazionali e internazionali'

('Assessment and Design for Learning: a comparison among national and international experiences')

co-organized with ANP and ISIA Rome 

link to the programme (in italian)

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