is a no-profit interdisciplinary, democratic, scientific-professional Association that recognizes the relevance of 'Smart' learning ecosystems, and more in general of Learning, for the regional development and the social innovation, included the education of present and future participatory “smart” citizens.

It has been created fon the basis of the work carried on in the past by the Observatory on Smart City Learning.

The main goal of ASLERD is to support schools and other learning ecosystems to improve their smartness in order to achieve the well-being of all player involved in the learning process.

ASLERD has promoted The the Timisoara declaration 



Through People Centered Smart Learning Ecosystems

signed  on 19th of May 2016 by representative of



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If you wish to support and sign the declaration please send an email to

aslerd [dot] org [at] gmail [dot] com

Subject: Timisoara Declaration

Body: I wish to join the Timisoara Declaration + Name, First Name, Affiliation





The 2nd International Conference on

Smart Learning Ecosystems and Regional Development 

 Aveiro, Portugal on 22-23th of June 2017.


Co-organized by University of Aveiro  and ASLERD.


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dealine: February 24, 2017

Keynote speakers

Marco Marsella
Digital transformation and social innovation: the role of learning ecosystems and the contributions from EU research and innovation projects

Damian Schofield
Building Bridges Between Education and Territory : The Power of Mixed Reality and Gamification



Now available on-line the slides of the keynote given by Carlo Giovannella

at ICWL 2016 on

'Uncovering and supporting the smartness of learning ecosystems'




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IxD&A special Issue on Winter 2016 

Smart Learning Ecosystems and Regional Development

Guest Editors: Alke Martens, Radu Vasiu, Annika Wolff

 deadline expired - available on-line mid February 2017



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