Authors and participants are responsible for making the SCiLearn 2012 a memorable experience.

Our task, as organizers, will be to put you in the condition to present at the best your contributions and to animate the think-tank.

You, as authors and participants, have to propose the best of your ideas, visions, works, to stimulate the discussion and the imagination of the participants to generate in all them the deep conviction that participation in SCiLearn 2012 has been a meaningful experience for new stimuli and new relations established.

SCiLearn 2012 is looking for authors that are able to image the future of learning within and from the 'Smart Cities':
• Through which educational path people will become participatory aware citizens of the future 'SimCities'?
• How will we learn from the open books that are represented by the cities of art?
• How will data flowing from sensorized areas will be elaborated to support awareness and learning?
• How will our behavior be influenced by knowledge of co-evolution mechanisms and limits of the ecosystems?
• Will the educational infrastructure be smart enough to readjust, even autopoietically, to satisfy the needs that everyone could develop life long, in different contexts?

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