Workshop format


As pre-workshop preparation a discussion will be organized on the SCLO LinkedIn group where extended abstract of accepted submissions with highlighted questions will be uploaded and discussed. Summaries of this discussion will be further analysed during the workshop.
The morning will combine ice breaking activities and traditional presentations, putting emphasis on discussion. In the afternoon we will organize group activities to refine the overlap between the communities and identify common theoretical and methodological. The organizers will proactively make sure that the workshop will be a highly interactive event with clear outcomes.


Expected audience

The workshop aims to foster dialogue between experts of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) and experts in social innovation and systemic design related to 'smart cities, villages and territories'. In this perspective, the workshop targets the EC-TEL community, especially those among technologists, educators, psychologists and sociologists interested in innovative educational visions taking advantage of the transformation induced by the increasing smartness of cities. In addition, we expect the workshop to be of interest for people involved in design and development of tools that “enable humans to utilize massive amounts of data”, analytics and data visualization. In addition, the workshop is expected to attract new participants among city planners, policy makers and entrepreneurs involved in the design and development of smart living environments and territories.