Special issues on Smart City Learning and related subjects


• International Journal of Digital Literacy and Digital Competences (IJDLDC), vol. 3 n. 4 - Special Issue on 'Smart City Learning, literacy and Competences' -> link

• Interaction Design and Architecture(s) (IxD&A), vol. 16 (part I) e vol. 17 (part II) - Special Issue on 'Smart City Learning - Visions and practical Implementations: toward Horizon 2020'  -> link

• The Proceedings of ICALT 2013 feature all papers presented at the workshop on 'Smart City Learning: visions, practical implementations and impact of glocalities' -> link

• Tecnologie Didattiche (TD), vol. 60 - Special Issue on 'Pedagogy in the digital age' that draws a map of current research on Educational Technology features a paper on 'Smart City Learning' -> link (in italian)



Other resources relevant to Smart City Learning and to the 'People in Place Centered Design' approach to SCL


• Extended abstracts and presentations of the workshop on People Centered Smart Territories: Design, Learning and Analytics -> link

• The Human Smart City Manifesto -> link

• The Human Smart City Coobook and related documents produced by the project Peripheria -> link

Smart Citizens  (proceedings of the workshops hold at  the FutureEverything Summit in March 2013) -> link

• An interview with Carlo Giovannella: Smart City Learning: la tecnologia per una città partecipata e formativa -> link (in italian)

• An interview with Nigel Jacob: Passiamo dalla smart city alla learning city -> link (in italian)

Smart Communities vs Smart Cities by Jorge F. Caleya -> link

Smart Cities Briefing -> link



Other interesting resources


Beyond smart cities by Tim Campbell -> link (book not downloadable for free), link to an interview


Vademecum per la città intelligente -> link (in italian)



Inspiring websites and blogs for SCL


The programmable city by Rob Kitchin -> link

The urban technologist by Rick Robinson -> link

Urban 360° by Pablo Chillon -> link (in English and Spanish)


Putting people first -> link

Guardian Sustainable Business -> link

Smart Innovation -> link (in italian)


New Urban Mechanics -> link


To Inspire SC and SCL Analytics



Seansable City Lab at MIT -> link

Emergent Behaviors from Smart Territories the keynote by Carlo Giovannella at the K-Teams Workshop -> link





Osservatorio Nazionale Smart Cities -> link (in italian)



Control rooms


Urban observatory -> link





Smart City & Learning - A questionnaire that help to establish Grand Challenges and investigate cultural issues regarding the future of learning in and from Smart Cities.
Questions are presented in English, German, Italian and Spanish.

Link to the questionnaire



Educational Programmes


• Honorary Master in Design of People Centered Smart City -> link



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