Format & Expectations


Workshop format


The morning will combine ice breaking activities and traditional presentations, putting emphasis on discussion, based on the Knowledge café concept. In the afternoon we will organize group activities to refine the overlap between the communities and identify common theoretical and methodological ground. This will draw on the key concepts identified from the accepted papers. Common themes will be discussed and gaps identified in terms of how the breadth of presented work supports key aspects of a smart city learning ecosystem, or where future work might be focused. The organizers will proactively make sure that the workshop will be a highly interactive event with clear outcomes.



Expected Audience


The workshop targets the EC-TEL community, especially those among technologists, educators, psychologists and sociologists interested in innovative educational visions taking advantage of the transformation induced by the increasing smartness of cities and regions.

In addition, the workshop can potentially attract new participants among city planners, policy makers and entrepreneurs involved in the design and development of smart living environments and regions. 

The workshop is also looking forward for participants ready to showcase their experience in implementing any of the workshop themes in the everyday life of a Smart City or as a result of the EU Smart Cities and Communities Market Place commitments.