In the wake of what has been done in the past by MIFAV (Museum of Photography and Visual Arts, the interdepartmental centre of the University devoted to the promotion of the technology based languages of the contemporary age), the 'garage' since the beginning worked on the 'communication' layer to promote contacts among training initiatives, institutions and productive entities to foster the development of the cultural background needed to support innovation, job placement of young graduates in motivating working environments and at the same time, to disseminate a culture of interdisciplinary, essential to process and product innovation for those productive sectors involved in the design for experience/communication mediated by the machine.

Beside the huge activity of cultural promotion put in place since early 2000 until 2006 (see description of INTERFACCE in the section events), following the merging with the School Iad the 'garage' has privileged the promotion of workshops and conferences in the domains of TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) and HCI, IxD, ExD (Human Computer Interaction, Interaction Design and Design for the Experience).

The promotion of events has been accompanied by an equally intense publishing activity which has led, among others, to the realization of the international journal IxD&A (Interaction Design and Architecture (s)) and numerous publications.

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