Emotions and Personality in Personalized Systems

Guest Editors


Marco de Gemmis, University of Bari Aldo Moro, Italy

Berardina De Carolis, University of Bari Aldo Moro, Italy 

Andrej Košir, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia 

Marko Tkalcic, Free University of Bolzano, Italy



Important dates


• Deadline: February 28, 2016 -> March 14, 2016 (extended)

• Notification to the authors: March 30, 2016 -> April 10, (extended)

• Camera ready paper: April 20, 2016

• Publication of the special issue: end of May, 2016




Personality and emotions shape our daily lives by having a strong influence on our preferences, decisions and behaviour in general. Hence, personalized systems that want to adapt to end users need to be aware of the user’s personality and emotions to perform well.

Recently, there have been extensive studies on the role of personality on user preferences, gaming styles and learning styles. Furthermore, some studies showed that it is possible to extract personality information about a user without annoying questionnaires, by analyzing the publicly available user’s social media feeds. Also, the affective computing community has developed sophisticated techniques that allow for accurate and unobtrusive emotion detection. Such affective information can be used in various personalized systems like recommender systems. 

In recent years, emotions and personality have shown to play an important role in various aspects of recommender systems, such as implicit feedback, contextual information, affective content labeling, cold-start problem, diversity, cross-domain recommendations, group recommendations etc. With the development of robust techniques for the unobtrusive acquisition of emotions (e.g. from various modalities, such as video or physiological sensors) and personality (e.g. from social media) the time is right to take advantage of these possibilities to collect massive datasets and improve recommender systems.

The focus section of IxD&A aims at sharing research papers discussing innovative opportunities and challenges on the usage of affect and personality to improve personalized systems.


Topics of Interests


• Usage of affect and personality to improve personalized systems

• Implicit detection of affect and personality for personalized systems

• Computational models of emotion and personality

• Affect and personality as contextual factors

• Affect and personality in cross domain recommenders

• Affect and personality-based evaluation methods

• Affect and personality with human decision making

• Affect and personality in group recommenders

• Privacy aspects of the usage of affect and personality in personalized systems

• Affect and personality in connection to social media 


Submission procedure 


All submissions (abstracts and later final manuscripts) must be original and may not be under review by another publication.

The manuscripts should be submitted anonymized either in .doc or in .rtf format. 
All papers will be blindly peer-reviewed by at least two reviewers. Perspective participants are invited to submit a 8-20 pages paper (including authors' information, abstract, all tables, figures, references, etc.). 
The paper should be written according to the IxD&A authors' guidelines .

More information on the submission procedure and on the characteristics of the paper format can be found on the website of IxD&A Journal the where information on the copyright policy and responsibility of authors, publication ethics and malpractice are published.

For scientific advices and for any query please contact the contact guest-editor:

• marco [dot] degemmis [at] uniba [dot] it 

• berardina [dot] decarolis [at] uniba [dot] it 

• marko [dot] tkalcic [at] jku [dot] at

• andrej [dot] kosir [at] fe [dot] uni-lj [dot] si


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