People Centered Smart Territories: Design, Learning and Analytics

Bologna (Italy) - 16 October 2013
workshop co-located at
Smart City Exhibition 2013

Guest Editors

Gianni Dominici, Forum PA, Italy
Carlo Giovannella, University of Rome Tor Vergata and Creative Industries at Consorzio Roma Ricerche, Italy


Important dates

• Deadline (only for extended abstract and position papers): 10 September
• Notification of acceptance: 20 September
• Camera ready version of accepted contribution: 30 September

• Registration deadline: 5 October

• Publication of the special issue: Spring 2014

The workshop is intended to promote the diffusion of a 'People Centered Smart Territories' vision, i.e. a socially-oriented and inclusive bottom-up vision driven by a 'person in place' centered design approach that focus on persons who, as well known, are driven by motivations and expectations, desires, needs and, moreover, have their own styles.
It is pretty obvious that the challenge is to support the harmonious and continuous development of all experiential dimensions relevant to individuals, to the community of belonging and to the contexts of reference.

Because of this we think that it is important to offer a 'place' where meet, compare and discuss 'People Centered' experiences that have been supported by the smartness of the territories.

Central to this purpose are:
• the dissemination of an adequate design literacy and an open access to strategies and methodologies that may support the development of 'People Centered Smart Territories'
• the support to the development of learning paths that will prove more effective in engaging and stimulating social innovation and, as well, in keeping the persistence of individuals and communities in the so-called state of 'flow', which is essential in order to achieve and maintain the leadership of creativity and innovation
• the ability to perform a multidimensional and holistic monitoring of the transformation the territories are undergoing to become smart and, as well, their ability to support the expectations of individuals and communities of reference, within the framework of a sustainable development.

All this justifies the three key words contained by the workshop title:
Design - Learning - Analytics

Topics of interest

• strategies, approaches and methodologies to design and support the development of 'People Centered Smart Territories'
• concepts and case studies related to the 'People Centered Smart Territories' vision (e.g.: support to small smart communities, social inclusion, learning, etc.)
• monitoring, analytics and benchmarking of the dimensions relevant to define the smartness of 'People Centered Smart Territories'

Submission procedure
The manuscripts (extended abstracts or position papers - max 2 pages) should be submitted either in .doc or in .rtf format.
The paper should be written according to the IxD&A authors' guidelines .

All contributions will be blindly peer-reviewed by two members of the Program Committee.

Since the duration of the workshop is half day, only a limited number of contributions will be selected for presentation.

Link to the paper submission page

when submitting the paper please choose as first Domain Subject: 'IxD&A special issue: 'Games for learning'
(send a copy also to the email of the workshop organizers using the contact email address)

More information on the submission procedure and on the characteristics of the paper format can be found on the website of IxD&A Journal the where information on the copyright policy and responsibility of authors, publication ethics and malpractice are published.


Post-Workshop Proceedings Publication

An extended version of the selected paper (max 14 pages) will be published in a special issue of the IxD&A Journal (ISSN 1826-9745) - Spring 2014.

A dedicate call and submission procedure will open in October 2013.



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