N. 26, Autumn 2015




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Special issue on:


Designing for Peripheral Interaction: seamlessly integrating interactive technology in everyday life




by Saskia Bakker, Doris Hausen, Elise van den Hoven, Ted Selker

pp. 3 - 5, download



Andrii Matviienko, Maria Rauschenberger, Vanessa Cobus, Janko Timmermann, Jutta Fortmann, Andreas Löcken, Heiko Müller, Christoph Trappe, Wilko Heuten, Susanne Boll

Towards New Ambient Light Systems: a Close Look at Existing Encodings of Ambient Light Systems, pp. 10  - 24, 




Florian Güldenpfennig, Roman Ganhör, Geraldine Fitzpatrick 

“Will it Catch Their Attention?” - Evaluating Situated and Peripheral Displays in a Personal Context, pp. 25 - 38,



Frank Bolton, Shahram Jalaliniya, and Thomas Pederson   

A Wrist-Worn Thermohaptic Device for Graceful Interruption, pp. 39 - 54,



John N.A. Brown, Jorge Oliveira, Saskia Bakker

I am Calm: Towards a Psychoneurological Evaluation of ABC Ringtones, pp. 55 - 69,





Focus Section on 'Design Antropology in Participatory Design'



Preface to the Focus Section

by Rachel Charlotte Smith & Mette Kjaersgaard Kjærsgaard

pp. 73 - 80, download



Ann Light

Troubling Futures: Can Participatory Design Research provide a Constitutive Anthropology for the 21st Century?, pp 81 - 94,



Linda Tonolli, Maurizio Teli, Vincenzo D’Andrea

A Design Anthropology Critique of Active Aging as Ageism, pp. 95 - 113,



Rita Maldonado Branco, Joana Quental, Óscar Ribeiro

Getting Closer, Empathising and Understanding: Setting the Stage for a Co-design Project with People with Dementia, pp. 114 - 131,



Yoko Akama, Dagny Stuedahl, Izak Van Zyl 

Design Disruption in Contested, Contingent and Contradictory Future-Making, pp. 132 - 148, 




Dagny Stuedahl

Future Orientation in Design, Participation and Learning, pp. 149 - 161,





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