Telecare and self-management: a guideline for anticipating future care in scenario-based design

Ivo Maathuis, Valerie M Jones, Nelly Oudshoorn
pp. 142-159, download



An important aim of telecare technologies for chronic patients is supporting self-management. Although patient involvement is crucial for successful implementation, any adaptation of telecare systems to needs of users requires explicit reflection regarding which form of self-management it should support. Scenario-based methods (SBDs) are proposed to involve users in the earlier phases of development. This paper aims to extend SBDs by incorporating explicit exploration of self-management forms. We first analyzed what self-management forms were inscribed in the design of a telecare system for COPD patients. These were mainly based on compliance to medical treatment. However, our study shows that many patients thrive better on self-management based on cooperation and concordance with healthcare professionals. To overcome this discrepancy between design and use practices we developed a guideline enabling designers to anticipate and reflect on which form of self-management is desirable to incorporate in the design of telecare technologies for chronic patients.

keywords: telecare technologies, self-management, scenario based design (SBD)

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