A Context-Aware Framework to Provide Personalized Mobile Assessment

Ahlem Harchay, Lilia Cheniti-Belcadhi, Rafik Braham
pp. 82-97, download



In mobile learning environment, context-aware systems refer to applications that employs contextual information to provide appropriate services to the leaners or other applications to perform a specific task. An important challenge in such applications is context modeling, using ontologies to model context information and to reason about context at a semantic level has attracted a lot of interest in the research community. Semantic Web technologies have been applied in recent years with different purposes in education. But, their applications for generating useful personalized mobile assessment resources have not been researched enough so far.In this paper, we introduce a context-aware approach that makes use of Semantic Web technologies to support personalized assessment in mobile environments. We propose a Service-based framework for bringing assessment techniques to mobile environment. We provide a formal description for our mobile assessment framework and detail the functionalities of its various layers. We have carried out also an experiment with computer science university students to evaluate our mobile assessment framework.

keywords: Personalized assessment, Semantic Web, Ontologies, Mobile environments, Web Services

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