Achievement Emotions in Technology Enhanced Learning: Development and Validation of Self-Report Instruments in the Italian Context

Daniela Raccanello, Margherita Brondino, Margherita Pasini
pp. 68-81, download



The increased use of technology within the educational field gives rise to the need for developing valid instruments to measure key constructs associated with performance. We present some self-report instruments developed and/or validated in the Italian context that could be used to assess achievement emotions and correlates, within the theoretical framework of Pekrun’s control-value model. First, we propose some data related to the construction of two instruments developed to assess ten achievement emotions: the Brief Achievement Emotions Questionnaire, BR-AEQ, used with college students, and the Graduated Achievement Emotions Set, GR-AES, used with primary school students. Second, we describe some data concerning the validation within the Italian context of two instruments assessing achievement goals as antecedents of achievement emotions: the Achievement Goal Questionnaire-Revised, AGQ-R, and its more recent version based on the 3 X 2 achievement goal model.

keywords: Achievement Emotions, Learning Environment Design, Technology Enhanced Learning, Achievement Goals, Assessment


errata-corrige: authors have communicated on 14 August 2015 that the name assigned to the tool utilized in this work, 'Brief-Achievement Emotions Questionnaire (BR-AEQ)', has been used by mistake and should be replaced with 'Achievement Emotions Adjectives List (AEAL)'; 

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