A TEL System for Teaching and Supporting Creativity in Tertiary Students: Incorporating the Views of Experts

Diana Ragbir-Shripat, Permanand Mohan
pp. 9-23, download



This paper details a context of use study of an assessment system for creativity taking into account the views of experts. A TEL system called The Muse was designed for teaching and supporting creativity skills in students while they undertook assignments or coursework tasks. However, assessment of creativity is no simple task. What creative output should be assessed and how should it be assessed? Creative output in The Muse takes the form of assignment solutions (the product) and the creative process of the student. Assessment of creativity must be performed on both product and process. The views of experts in their respective science fields were sourced via a survey to determine exactly how instructors in the sciences would assess creativity at the tertiary level, in their respective courses. The results of this survey have informed the development of the assessment portion of The Muse. This paper describes how creativity can be assessed via a student’s product and process within the sciences at the tertiary level.

keywords: Creativity, Assessment, TEL, CAT, CSDS

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