In Pursuit of Inclusive and Diverse Digital Futures: Exploring the Potential of Design Fiction in Education of Children

Sumita Sharma, Heidi Hartikainen, Leena Ventä-Olkkonen, Netta Iivari, Grace Eden, Essi Kinnunen, Jenni Holappa, Marianne Kinnula, Tonja Molin-Juustila, Jussi Okkonen, Sirkku Kotilainen, Ole Sejer Iversen, Rocío Fatás Arana

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2020 marks the beginning of a new era as the pandemic catapulted us into new digital and virtual ways of everyday life. As the world changes, we reimagine empowering, equitable, accessible, diverse, and inclusive digital futures, through a series of projects and workshops with a diverse set of participants - children in schools and Child Computer Interaction researchers. We conducted one long-term project with two schools in Finland and two one-day workshops with an international set of participants. Through an analysis of participants’ experiences and outcomes in the project and workshops, we build a case for diversity and inclusionthrough design fiction in the context of children’s education. In addition, through an analysis of the process we as researchers took for developing the project and workshops, we showcase the support of diversity and inclusion in design fiction.


Keywords: Design fiction, participatory design, children and technology, design education.



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