N. 47, Winter 2020-21




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Special issue on:

Tools, Pedagogical and Ludic Strategies, Co-Design supporting Smart Learning Ecosystems and Smart Education




Oscar Mealha, Traian Rebedea

p. 5, download




Roberto Araya

A collective brain to adapt teaching to quarantined first and second graders., pp. 7 - 26,  abstractdownload




Birgit Vogel-Heuser, Fandi Bi, Kathrin Land, Emanuel Trunzer

Transitions in Teaching Mechanical Engineering during COVID-19 crisis., pp.  27 - 47, abstractdownload




Majid Rouhani, Veronica Farshchian, Monica Divitini

Teaching Programming in Secondary Schools: Stepping and Stumbling Stones, pp. 48 - 68, abstractdownload




Eva Mårell-Olsson

Using gamification as an online teaching strategy to develop students’ 21st century skills, pp. 69 - 93,  abstractdownload




Rubén Buitrago, Jesús Salinas, Oscar Boude

Designing and Representing Learning Itineraries: A Systematic Review of the Literature, pp. 94 - 122,  abstractdownload




Stavros A. Nikou

Web-based videoconferencing for teaching online: Continuance intention to use in the post-COVID-19 period, pp. 123 - 143,  abstractdownload




Janika Leoste, Mati Heidmets, Tobias Ley, Jelena Stepanova

Classroom Innovation Becoming Sustainable: A Study of Technological Innovation Adoption by Estonian Primary School Teachers, pp. 144 - 166,  abstractdownload




Carlo Giovannella, Marcello Passarelli, Alaa S.A. Alkhafaji, Adriana Peña Pérez Negrón

A comparative study on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on three different national university learning ecosystems as bases to derive a Model for the Attitude to get Engaged in Technological Innovation (MAETI) , pp. 167 - 190,  abstractdownload




Catarina Lelis

Smart Brands and Identities: building friendly bridges between Design and Smartness, pp. 191 - 214,  abstractdownload




Ladislava Zbiejczuk Suchá, Roman Novotný. Tomáš Štefek, Aldo de Moor, Jirina Belehradová Svitáková, Eliška Bartošová. Petr Škyrík, Barbora Buchtová, Eva Víchová

Designing an incubator for social innovations in libraries: Learnings from the Research through Design approach, pp. 215 - 236,  abstractdownload




Antonio Amado Lorenzo and Vicente López-Chao

Analogue and Digital Access to Architectural Information, pp. 237 - 255,  abstractdownload




Wrya Sabir Abdullah, Nahedh Taha Al-Qemaqchi

The Impact of University Campus Spatial Organisation on Pedestrian Speed: A Comparison between the Old and New Campuses of Sulaimani University, pp. 256 - 273,  abstractdownload




Regular papers



Nuno M. Guimarães

Complexity, Design and Culture: convergence for digital experiences, pp. 274 - 305,  abstract,  download




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