Co-Designing Game Solutions for Hybrid Urban Spaces. How Game Elements Can Improve People Experience with the Mobility Services

Antonio Opromolla, Valentina Volpi, Giovanni Andrea Parente

pp. 9 - 23, download






Digital technologies integrated in the physical spaces enable new practices that open new possible interactions between people and the urban public spaces. These emerging hybrid spaces might have a crucial role in the processes aiming at having a more satisfying urban life. Mobility is a field strongly impacted by hybrid urban spaces and this should be considered in order to improve the quality of life in cities. In this paper the authors, starting from the concept of Mobility as a Service (MaaS), show as game elements applied in different moments of the travel experience and disseminated in different parts of these hybrid spaces can enhance the interaction between people and mobility services. Finally the outcome of a co-design session about a game solution aiming at improving the people experience with the mobility services is presented as an example of this assumption



Keywords:  Mobility, Hybrid Space, Gamification, Co-design, MaaS


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