Emergency Medical IT Services for Migrants Rescue Operations

Stefano Valtolina, Barbara Rita Barricelli, Alessandro Rizzi, Sabrina Menghini, Ascanio Ciriaci

pp. 143 - 158, download





This paper illustrates the research and development work done in the last 4 years in the frame of rescue operations of migrants who attempt to reach Italian coasts via sea journeys on Mediterranean routes. The context, characterized by humanitarian, social, and organizational issues, presents complex challenges that can only be tackled with a multidisciplinary, participatory, and internationalized approach. The ITHEALTH system and the results of its usability and user experience evaluations are presented. It takes inspiration from other projects developed for different purposes but acting in similar context and according to similar socio-technical dimensions. 


Keywords: Participatory design, Human Work Interaction Design, International development, Domain experts, Migration, Emergency medical services.


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