Understanding the mediating role of teacher inquiry when connecting learning analytics with design for learning

Sakinah S. J. Alhadad and Kate Thompson

pp. 54 - 74, download





Discussion amongst the learning analytics community is for the need to link learning analytics with learning design. However, learning design is a complex space, and not all approaches to design for learning are the same. With this proposed integrated practice comes unique challenges for the contemporary educator. In this paper, we focus on the underlying processes of teacher inquiry when connecting design for learning with learning analytics. We propose that valuable connection between learning analytics and design for learning is only realised through the mediation of effective teacher inquiry processes. Hence, we aim to better understand these processes in order to identify teachers’ developmental needs. To this end, we propose a working model and examine learners (as educators) inquiry process in a professional learning workshop. We conclude with implications for the proposed model and professional learning.


Keywords: Learning analytics, Design for learning, Teacher inquiry, Cognition, Design science, Professional learning.


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