Hackmytown: an Educational Experience on Smart Cities

Vincenzo Del Fatto, Gabriella Dodero, Armin Bernhard, Angelo Ferrando, Davide Ancona, Viviana Mascardi, Robert Laurini, Giuseppe Roccasalva

pp. 153 - 164, download



This paper describes the preparation and the execution of an educational experience consisting of a challenge, called Hackmytown, among five different teams composed by university students, aimed at experiencing challenges in the definition of 'smart' services for a city. Glurns/Glorenza, the smallest city of South Tirol (Italy), was chosen as the ideal location to verify the application of the concept of Smart City in a small community by adopting a bottom-up approach involving local stakeholders and Municipality. 


Keywords: Smart City, Educational Experience, Learning by Doing, People Centered Design. 


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