Investigating the effects of odours integration in reading and learning experiences

Monica Bordegoni, Marina Carulli, Yuan Shi, Daniele Ruscio

pp. 104 - 125, download



Books are the tools used for reading novel and stories, but also for educational purposes. Conventional books have undergone a radical transformation in recent years due to the use of new technologies. However, the technological devices used for reading e-books today are still poorly exploited, while they can represent a fundamental tool to make the reading experience more immersive by using a complete multisensory approach. In this perspective, one sense that represents an important element of human perception is the sense of smell. Consequently, authors make the hypothesis that the introduction of odours during reading sessions could increase the user experience and the learning performances. In order to demonstrate these hypotheses, the authors have defined and carried out several experimental testing sessions. The analysis of the collected data proved that the introduction of odours does not disturb the reader during reading activities but, on the contrary, it can make the experience more immersive. Similarly, odours do not disturb the studying activities, but they can instead increase the level of concentration and the learning performances of people. 


Keywords: Multisensory environment, Augmented reality, User experience, Olfactory technologies.


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