Smart Testing Environment for the Evaluation of Students’ Attention

Manuella Kadar , Paul Nicolae Borza, Mihai Romanca, Dan Iordachescu, Teodora Iordachescu

pp. 205 - 217, download



Attention is a key factor that influences learning processes and it is generally regarded as a success generating factor. Distributed attention has been shown to be very important in processing information and its integration in comprehensive knowledge areas. This research aims to directly test the distributed attention capacity of university students through a smart testing environment designed to integrate classical testing methods such as the Prague test for measuring distributed attention with means of neuro-sensorial devices. The Smart Testing Environment is endowed with several sensors that measure physical characteristics such as: attention, blood pressure, eye tracking. Captured data is processed by a rule-based expert system that achieves time series analytics and computes correlations between experiments. This pilot study will be continued with experiments that measure students’ attention during various courses and labs.


Keywords: Distributed attention, Smart testing environment, EEG device, Prague test.


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