Implementation of Social Entrepreneurship Projects The path to Communities of Practice

Ana Melro, Lídia Oliveira

pp. 165 - 172, download



In Portugal, Social Entrepreneurship is evolving. New projects/initiatives or organizations are created everyday focused on the positive impact they can achieve. It is important to understand who the target population of these projects is and what their major intervention areas are. This goal seeks a wider one which is to understand the rise of Communities of Practice (CoP) in the specific context of Social Entrepreneurship, specifically how social entrepreneurs beneficiate from CoP to solve the problems they encounter and how Social Entrepreneurship Institute-Social Business School (IES-SBS) can be a catalyst of those CoP. Since social entrepreneurs develop their work apart in Portuguese territory, communication skills and tools are also very important variables to analyze, in order to understand Community Learning Networks.


Keywords: Social Entrepreneurship; Communities of Practice; Communication; Community Learning Networks.


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