Making IoT with UDOO

Antonio Rizzo, Giovanni Burresi, Francesco Montefoschi, Maurizio Caporali, Roberto Giorgi

pp. 95 - 112, download



The advent of massively interconnected objects, devices, and sensors raises equally substantial challenges regarding the resources that will allow makers to manage the complexity of such systems and to exploit the opportunities such technologies open up.  Simplicity in management and a smooth, creative integration of everyday life objects empowered by digital technology in our own environment are two key factors for a successful penetration of Internet of Things (IoT). We present UDOO IoT, a combined set of open hardware (UDOO Quad, Blu and Bricks) and open software (UAPPI, an extension of MIT App Inventor) technologies that allow novices from their early steps in the maker’s world to create their own digital objects connected to the cloud, easily defining custom behavior logic for sensors and actuators. UDOO IoT is illustrated through one of the field studies carried out along its design process.

Keywords: internet of Things, UDOO, blocks programming, bluetooth low energy, app Inventor.


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