N. 27, Winter 2015




Table of Contents


Special issue on:


Smart City Learning: Opportunities and Challenges




by Paloma Diaz, Monica Divitini, Fernando Ramos

pp. 3 - 5, download



Dominik Bork, Hans-Georg Fill, Dimitris Karagiannis, Elena-Teodora Miron, Nikolaos Tantouris, Michael Walch

Conceptual Modelling for Smart Cities: A Teaching Case, pp. 10  - 27,




Francesco Gianni and Monica Divitini 

Technology-enhanced Smart City Learning: a Systematic Mapping of the Literature, pp. 28 - 43,



Nuala Hunt, Michael O’Grady, Conor Muldoon, Barnard Kroon, Tomi Rowlands, Jie Wan, Gregory O’Hare  

Citizen Science: A Learning Paradigm for the Smart City?, pp. 44 - 65,



Sobah Abbas Petersen, Grazia Concilio, Manuel Oliveira

Smart Neighbourhood Learning - the case of MyNeighbourhood, pp. 66 - 78,




Carlo Giovannella, Diana Andone, Mihai Dascalu, Elvira Popescu, Matthias Rehm, Giuseppe Roccasalva

Smartness of Learning Ecosystems and its bottom-up emergence in six European Campuses, pp. 79 - 92,




Chien Wen Yuan, Benjamin V. Hanrahan, Sooyeon Lee, John M. Carroll

Designing Equal Participation in Informal Learning for People with Visual Impairment, pp. 93 - 106,





Focus Section on 'Innovation in Human Computer Interaction: What can we learn from Design Thinking?'



Preface to the Focus Section

by Alma Leora Culén (Univ. of Oslo) and Asbjørn Følstad (SINTEF)

pp. 109 - 114,  download



Ingrid Mulder

A pedagogical framework and a transdisciplinary design approach to innovate HCI education, pp 115 - 128,




Sumit Pandey

Proto Design Practice: translating design thinking practices to organizational settings, pp. 129 - 158, 




Anna Thies

On the Value of Design Thinking for Innovation in Complex Contexts: A Case from Healthcare , pp. 159 - 171,




Regular papers



Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo, Annie Sungkajun, Tiffany Sanchez, Jinkyo Suh

Touchology: Peripheral Interactive Plant Design for Well-being  , pp 175 - 187,




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