N.17, Summer 2013

Special issue on:


Smart City Learning - Visions and practical Implementations: toward Horizon 2020

Part II


Table of Contents

Glenda Amayo Caldwell, Marcus Foth, Mirko Guaralda

An urban informatics approach to smart city learning in architecture and urban design education, pp. 7 - 28

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Eleni Christopoulou, Dimitrios Ringas
Learning Activities in a Sociable Smart City, pp. 29 - 42
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Mar Pérez-Sanagustín, Ilona Buchem, Carlos Delgado Kloos
Multi-channel, multi-objective, multi-context services: The glue of the smart cities learning ecosystem, pp. 43 - 52

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Vincenzo Del Fatto, Gabriella Dodero
Geographic Learning Objects in Smart Cities Context, pp. 53 - 66
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Bingxue Zhang, Bertrand David, Chuantao Yin, Rene Chalon

Contextual Mobile Learning for professionals working in the “Smart City”, pp. 67 - 76
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Marco Kalz, Joris Klerx, Gonzalo Parra, Jesko Elsner, Max Haberstroh, Stefaan Ternier, Daniel Schilberg, Sabina Jeschke, Erik Duval, Marcus Specht

EMuRgency: Addressing cardiac arrest with socio-technical innovation in a smart learning region, pp. 77 - 91
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