This is the page from which one can download all documents related to the ICALT 2012.

NEW: ICALT 2012 Banners

to announce and support the conference on your website and/or to distinguish you as ICALT participant

(if you let us know where you publish banners you may be included in the list of supporting entities that will be linked back from the conference website)

120x60 pixels

180x150 pixels

234x60 pixels

300x250 pixels

468x60 pixels

720x300 pixels

728x90 pixels


just a couple of examples:

(180 x 150)

(480 x 60)


Call for Papers


cfp-icalt2012_short.pdf  (not to fold A4 version)

brochure_blue.pdf  (foldable double-sided A4 version - blue tone)

brochure_watergreen.pdf (foldable double-sided A4 version - watergreentone tone)

brochure_blackwhite.pdf (foldable double-sided A4 version - black & white)


Workshop, Panel, Tutorial Call for Proposals

CFP_Work_Panel_tut.pdf (not to fold A4 version)


Doctoral Consortium Call for Paper

CFP_PhD_Consortium.pdf  (not to fold A4 version)

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