ICALT 2012 offers different kinds of partnership.

ICALT is by now a fully mature and consolidated event, due to the wide network and number of actors involved, and offers different levels of partnership.

By virtue of its network and interdisciplinary content ICALT constitutes a platform of the greatest interest for companies involved in designing the present and future scenarios of the Technology Enhanced Education.

ICALT will be delighted to swell the ranks of its partners and sponsors with all those whose DNA makes it impossible for them to settle for living in the present and looking toward the past, those who operate in the present, dream the future, and are eager to embark with the young on a journey of innovative research, production and communicative experimentation.

Those wishing to share in our forward vision and contribute to the growth of ICALT  are invited to contact us by email

We are delighted to be an opportunity to your disposal.

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