The proposed workshop is the result of merging the experience and background of two workshops centered on ubiquitous personalization and future visions in TEL: DULP and SPeL.


Both workshops have as core topic the personalization of learning experiences as well as the future development of personalized learning environments.


DULP stands for D -> Design Inspired Learning; U -> Ubiquitous Learning; L -> Liquid Learning Places; P -> Person in Place Centered Design, thus summarizing and bringing together a number of current trends and researchers. DULP started as a national effort in Rome, Italy, in 2009; after the first steps, an international community has been built, and a series of workshops started at ICALT 2010 and continued at ICALT 2011.


The SPeL workshop has as general topic the social and personal computing for web-supported learning communities, leading towards the creation of a truly social and adaptive learning environment. The workshop has been held during the last 4 years in conjunction with the SAINT 2008, WI/IAT 2009, DEXA 2010 and ICWL 2011 conferences respectively.

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